Petition garners thousands of signers, Gov vetoes HB76

Salt Lake City — Utah Governor Gary Herbert exercised his veto power today in agreement with the majority of Utahns who favor responsible second amendment rights. Herbert vetoed the controversial HB76, Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments, Friday morning. Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, has issued the following statement:

“We applaud the Governor’s decision to uphold Utah’s reasonable concealed carry law by vetoing HB76. Current concealed carry law ensures a minimum level of training and compliance with basic background checks – things favored by a majority of Utahns and at risk under HB76. In addition to the numerous law enforcement agencies that expressed discomfort with the bill, thousands of ordinary citizens also expressed deep concerns. Over 1200 people signed a petition backed by statewide organizations like the Alliance for a Better UTAH, Utah Parents Against Gun Violence, and the League of Women Voters of Utah, demonstrating the solidarity of ordinary Utahns in defending common sense gun laws for the protection and benefit of all Utahns.

“The governor did the right thing. It is now up to the state legislature to continue that course. It would be contrary to the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Utahns who favor sensible gun rights to override the governor’s veto. We call on our legislators to exercise restraint and reason as they consider a possible override, and we call on the citizens of Utah to tell their legislators not to override the veto.”
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