Moderate voters win session; Lockhart, lungs lose

Maryann Martindale, Better UTAH executive director, made the case in a weekend op-ed that despite a rather lackluster legislative session, there were still some clear winners and losers.

Politics will probably always lend itself to a model in which some win and others lose. The winners and losers don’t line up quite how we expect.

Among the winners? Moderate voters and fat cat donors. Losers included Becky Lockhart and better air.

Lockhart’s risky gamble makes future wins more difficult for her, but a loss for better air, in which our inversions get worse, improves the possibility of winning more robust air quality reforms next session.

Of course, calling winners and losers in the political arena is clearly a subjective sport. Voters will make the final decision this fall on Election Day.

Read the full op-ed here.

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