ABU Files FEC Complaint That Helps Launch Federal Lawsuit

Salt Lake City— The FEC decided to file suit against Jeremy Johnson  for illegal campaign donations after ABU  filed a complaint with the FEC in June 2014 over straw donations.

ABU’s 2014 June complaint asked the FEC to investigate allegations that Senator Mike Lee accepted straw donations in his 2010 bid for United States Senate. The complaint included allegations that Mike Lee accepted improper campaign donations and former Utah Attorney General John Swallow, Jeremy Johnson , and unidentified straw donors made unreported campaign donations to Mike Lee’s campaign for Senate in 2010.

The FEC complaint says Swallow told Johnson that “Lee could then play a key role in the appointment of a United States attorney in Utah, who could protect Johnson’s business interests from prosecution by other United States attorneys.”

Jeremy Johnson has been charged with making illegal campaign donations to Mike Lee, Harry Reid, and former Utah Attorneys General.

A PDF of the complaint can be found here.

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