Salt Lake City, UT – Local government watchdog group, the Alliance for a Better Utah, is challenging Representative Jason Chaffetz for his selective use of power as Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. As reported in the New York Times, Representative Chaffetz sent a letter threatening to investigate the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) over a series of tweets.


“Rep. Chaffetz is selectively using his power to threaten and intimidate this independent ethics watchdog,” stated Josh Kanter, founder of the Alliance for a Better Utah. “The ethical controversies coming to light surrounding Trump’s business holdings and those of his cabinet nominees should be of great concern to all Americans, especially the head of Congress’ chief investigatory body. Chaffetz’s tactics are reminiscent of a schoolyard bully and are completely inappropriate in one of the highest and most important offices in the American government. We call on Chaffetz to start his own investigation into these ethical concerns, rather than continuing to retaliate against the Office responsible for assuring the public that our officials are working for the greater good and not their own self interests.”


Last November, the OGE praised President-elect Trump on Twitter for stating Trump would divest interest in his business while President. More recently, the OGE has stated that it has had a hard time vetting Trump’s cabinet nominees and warned that Senate committees were rushing the confirmation process.


Chaffetz’s letter threatens the OGE while, simultaneously, Chaffetz continues to avoid investigating the President Elect’s business ties, as well as Russia’s involvement in U.S. elections. In the meantime, Chaffetz has continued to use his office to investigate members of the Obama Administration over the designation of Bears Ears and Secretary Hillary Clinton, even after the election.



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