The week in letters: IRS and Uintah Elementary

The IRS, Uintah Elementary, Mitt Romney, and the orthodoxy of the conservative right in this week’s Letters to the Editor.

Rise of the devalued

I see the stiff, uncompromising orthodoxy of the conservative right as a contrived and manufactured cover for the frustration and resentment of white Americans who feel threatened by the increasing influence of people of color, women and others devalued in our society. This is the elephant in the room.

Hatch’s comment about IRS employees offends

Along with a lot of the people I work with at the Ogden campus of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), I was disappointed and hurt to read of the negative reaction of Sen. Orrin Hatch to news that IRS employees would be getting part of their performance awards for 2013. He was quoted as saying, “It’s hard to think of a group of people less deserving of bonuses than IRS employees.

No matter what others may say, we are proud to be IRS employees and we are proud of the work that we do for our country and have done for many years.

Who deserves what?

A lot of Utahns are justifiably in an uproar over the situation at Uintah Elementary, wherein students whose parents had not kept up payments on their accounts had their lunches taken away from them. I’ve heard people blaming the public school system, the phantom of “government bureaucracy,” and some talk of a “culture of bullying” with the school district.

Isn’t it possible that the culture of bullying here is the same one that promotes cutting food stamps, or not expanding Medicaid, because poor people (including children) are “lazy?”

How can some of the same people be outraged that food was taken from children at school but be in favor of taking food from them at home? I don’t get it.

Mitt a pretty nice guy after all

The old Irish folk song could be altered a bit with “Mitt, I hardly knew ye.”

After watching on Netflix, the Whitely documentary, “Mitt” we realize that Mitt Romney is after all a pretty nice guy.

Too bad Mitt was not a Democrat, he would have been the president by now.

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