The Week in Letters: Hobby Lobby and cockfighting

Hobby Lobby, the kindness of strangers and cockfighting were all up for discussion in this week’s Letters to the Editor from newspapers across Utah.

Hobby Lobby can’t force its beliefs on others

Following Goodrich’s faulty logic, a business owned by a fundamentalist Christian group that promotes only faith healing should be able to offer health insurance that consists of a promise to pray for any employee ill or injured. Ridiculous.

Similarly, Mormon business owners could fire employees for drinking coffee before coming to work, or enjoying a glass of wine with their dinner, as these things violate their religious beliefs.

Thanks to men who helped 77-year-old

I want to thank the two young men who came to my aid Thursday morning in the Jordan Landing parking lot. I’m 77 and don’t always have the best of balance. I went to get in my car and suddenly fell backward. I hit the ground fairly hard but was uninjured.

Two young people came to help me, but I was too much for them. I weigh 300 pounds. Suddenly these two men in military fatigues came hurrying across the street. One wrapped his arms around me and lifted me completely off the ground and stood me on my feet. He then helped me into the car.

When I tried to thank him, they said it was part of their job. I’m thankful for such good people.

Reduce campaign intensity

I am wondering about political campaigns. They take too long, there are too many signs and they are using too much money. I think most people don’t like these things. Why are campaigns still this way? I think that campaigns should be a month or less long. We should lower the number of campaign signs as well. The campaigns should make fewer advertisements so that we won’t spend as much money.

OK to bet on which chicken will kill the other?

Let’s see if I got this right: Latter-Day Saints won’t approve of lottery tickets, but it’s okay to bet on which chicken will kill the other?  Evidently the Book of Mormon has overlooked the bible verse that tells us “God’s eye is on the sparrow.”

Emboldened by an out-of-focus dysfunctional legislature, the “Utah man” has indeed sunk to the lowest depths of God-less depravity.

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