Was Governor Herbert Romney’s Personal Watchdog?

One little story you may have missed over the past week was Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s rather unusual quote to the National Journal, where he defended Mitt Romney’s story that the presidential candidate wasn’t working for Bain Capitol after 1999. 

I was in Utah when he was running the Olympics! He wasn’t running Bain Capital.”

Speaking as the governor of Utah, the state where the 2002 Olympics were held, that’s pretty serious backup for Romney. But it leads many to ask, “How does Governor Herbert know?” 

From 1990 to 2004, Herbert was not the Governor of Utah, but rather was serving as a commissioner on the Utah County Commission, as well as president of the Utah Association of Realtors. As such, he had no direct connection to the Olympics or Mitt Romney. 

It leaves us questioning where Mr. Herbert gained such direct knowledge of Mitt Romney’s personal business affairs, and what the presidential hopeful was doing on a day-to-day basis. 

We can hardly fault a Republican Governor for supporting his party’s (presumptive) presidential nominee, but might we suggest that he restrict his definitive statements to subjects which he actually has knowledge of. I was in Utah during the 2002 games as well, as were millions of Utahns, but that doesn’t mean we know what Romney was doing every moment of every day.

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