Today is the last day to register to vote

Time is running out for those hoping to be eligible to vote in the upcoming Utah municipal elections. Today is the last day to register online before the November 5 elections.

You can learn the who, what, when, where, and why of voting in Utah by checking out this information page or by watching the video attached to this post. And you can either register to vote through this link or by going directly to the Lt. Governor’s voter registration webpage.

I’ve written about the importance of municipal primary elections numerous times, both on this blog and elsewhere. I’ve even professed my love for the hit comedy Parks and Recreation for its way of bridging the pop culture/informed voter gap.

Municipal elections are notorious for their low turnout numbers, despite the wide array of services and taxes that local governments oversee. You can reverse this trend if you register to vote and then show up on election day. It matters folks, it really does.


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