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Better Utah in the News

Utah to buy stockpile of anti-malarial drugs, critics blast deal

This article originally appeared in KSL. Read it in its entirety here. SALT LAKE CITY — State health officials are in the process of buying a mass of anti-malarial drugs to treat up to 200,000 of Utah’s COVID-19 patients, despite objections from medical experts. The plan is to distribute the drugs to local pharmacies across the state so the treatment will be available “free of charge to patients,

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A challenge to Democrats by a loyal dissenter

A fitting follow-up to a post I wrote two weeks ago on Utah’s unbalanced two-party system is a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune by Paul Rolly about Utah’s defective caucus system. Rolly suggests that the lack of candidates is a result of the current caucus/convention system. While his point is arguably true, Rolly’s article

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