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What’s the deal with Amendment G?

Utah has 7 constitutional amendments on the ballot this year. The one that’s attracting the most pushback is Amendment G, which would change the way that education is funded in Utah.  The Better Utah position: We’re opposed… but it’s complicated.  Let’s break it down.  Utah’s constitution requires that income tax can only be used to

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Better Utah Op-Ed

Katie Matheson: Parents should not face pandemic alone

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Read it in its entirety here. I’m a parent. And like many parents, I often struggle to know what is best for my kids. That comes with the territory of parenting regardless of global events, but is especially true during a pandemic. My latest challenge — knowing whether or not to send my kid to in-person school

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Press Release: Lieutenant Governor Cox Must Decertify the Utah Republican Party if Bylaw Changes are Not Repealed

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2018 CONTACT: Katie Matheson | Alliance for a Better Utah LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR COX MUST DECERTIFY THE UTAH REPUBLICAN PARTY IF BYLAW CHANGES ARE NOT REPEALED Salt Lake City, UT – The Alliance for a Better Utah called on Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox to decertify the Utah Republican Party

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Salt Lake City, UT — Today, the Alliance for a Better Utah called on the Utah Legislature to make changes to Utah’s election law to allow mail-in ballots to be postmarked on election day. This comes, in part, in response to Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox’s ruling, required by existing law, that disqualified 64 ballots in

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