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June Interim Session Watch + Special Session Review!

The June Interim and Special Session of the Utah Legislature has ended, leaving behind it several noteworthy moments. Check out our topics: Public Lands, Death Penalty, School Funding and Liquor Licenses. Public Lands Although liquor licenses and school funding were the primary topics on the Hill, there were several other issues brought before the Legislature.

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Better UTAH Beat episode 6! June 12, 2012

Episode 6 of the Better UTAH Beat! Rep Bill Wright perfectly illustrates how the Utah Legislature refuses to listen to the people, plus the Sutherland Institute continues their fight against personal freedoms

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Rep Steve Eliason: I Would’ve Been Fired

Representative Steve Eliason (R – Sandy) had a “Was My Mic On?” moment at the May meeting of the Interim Education Session. Speaking about the Education Department’s $25 Million “miscalculation,” he told Superintendent Larry Shumway that he understood the mistake, and that: “If every mistake I made came to light I probably would’ve gotten fired

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