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Press Release: Better Utah responds to SCOTUS gerrymandering decision

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 27, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT – Today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled along partisan lines that Federal Courts cannot make decisions on partisan gerrymandering. In the opinion for the majority, Chief Justice Roberts stated that partisan gerrymandering is a political question outside the authority of the

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Press Release: Court filing reveals that Census citizenship question will advantage Republicans and non-Latinx white voters in redistricting

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 30, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT – According to an article just released by NPR, a court filing shows that the citizenship question on the 2020 Census was recommended to the Trump administration by a Republican strategist. According to court filings, a study conducted by the architect of the Census

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Local group focuses on protecting propositions ahead of session

This article originally appeared in ABC 4 News. Read it in its entirety here. Utah voters passed three propositions on the November ballot. Now, the question is, how will the legislature respond? We already know they modified the medical cannabis proposition, but what will they do with Medicaid expansion and an independent redistricting commission? Alliance for

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Salt Lake City and Rural Utah Have the Same Problem

A few weeks ago, the ABU Education Fund released a report addressing the negative impacts of gerrymandering on rural Utah. You probably have not read it, because that report was 20 pages long and full of information that only policy weirdos like us care about. With a fresh coat of tape on our glasses, we

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The People of Utah have Their Own Legislative Authority

It’s time for our Legislature to quit being the overbearing parent who feels they always know what’s best. When one thinks of the power to make laws here in Utah, the first thing that comes to mind is normally the Utah Legislature. Understandable, as we elect legislators to the Legislature so they may legislate. However,

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Better Utah Criticizes AG Reyes for Support of Partisan Gerrymandering

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, August 24, 2017 CONTACT: Chase Thomas | Alliance for a Better Utah chase@betterutah.org – – – – – – GROUP CRITICIZES AG REYES FOR SUPPORT OF PARTISAN GERRYMANDERING – – – – – – Salt Lake City, UT – The Alliance for a Better Utah criticized Utah Attorney

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Group criticizes AG Reyes for support of partisan gerrymandering

Source: Utah Policy The Alliance for a Better Utah criticized Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes for signing onto an amicus brief supporting the practice of partisan gerrymandering. Reyes’ signature on an amicus brief in the case of Gill v. Whitford, a case challenging partisan boundaries drawn by the Wisconsin legislature, had gone previously unreported in

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