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Voter turnout will improve with same day voter registration

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote about the state of our electoral process. I discussed how our democracy was in crisis because voting was becoming too difficult and apathy was growing. These two factors had combined to create an environment where people did not want to cast a ballot anymore. I wrote this

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Persistence is key to progress in Utah

There are several bills this legislative session that might sound familiar. That’s because they’ve all been up at the legislature before. They get introduced every year in hopes this might be the year that there is finally a breakthrough. Three such bills this session are the Dating Violence Act, modifications to adoption policy, and a

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Legislators should look up, not down

“We have beautiful roads.” Those were Sen. Margaret Dayton’s comments yesterday in the Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee regarding a bill that would increase speed limits in several sections of the I-15 corridor. And she’s right. The newly finished portion of I-15 in Utah County is pothole free and wide and easy going.

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Voting Could Get Easier in Utah

Voting is one of the most fundamental aspects of our democracy and one of the most basic rights we have as citizens. Unfortunately, voting is in crisis in Utah. This crisis is the result of both restrictive laws that make registering and casting a ballot more difficult and political apathy on the part of citizens.

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