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Do these words represent your beliefs?

With midterms just around the corner it’s safe to say there will be no shortage of controversy this election year. Utah may not be a hotbed for election drama, but there is one candidate whose racist comments, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, and demeaning views towards women are flying under the radar. House District 31 Republican Candidate Fred

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I was going to tell you my sexual assault story. But I can’t. It’s not that I can’t bring myself to tell it. IT’S THAT I DON’T HAVE ONE. I’ve got nothing, nada, zip. No one has ever made me feel uncomfortable, made a suggestion that made me wince, used their power over me, and

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Your step-by-step guide to not sexually harassing in the workplace

Utah continues to reel from the aftershocks of workplace sexual harassment allegations. Last week it was Sandy Police Chief Kevin Thacker. Also last week? The Davis County Sheriff’s Department. This comes on the heels of the former Provo Police Chief John King scandal in Provo, which followed the allegations against Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves.

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Utah’s #MeToo Moment

He called me into his office to discuss something unimportant. My boss, the owner of the small business where I worked at the front desk, would regularly hold meetings in his small office. I walked in; he stood next to me with his hand on the doorknob and closed the door behind me. As he

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