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Bill to Turn Two Committees Partisan Advances

Source: Utah Political Capitol A bill that will seriously alter the political makeup of two key legislative committees advanced Wednesday. HB 220 – Legislative Organization Amendments, sponsored by Representative LaVar Christensen (Republican – Draper), would add two additional Republicans to the Legislative Management Committee and the Legislative Audit Subcommittee. At present, an equal number of

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Reagan is not a Founding Father

The American novelist and critic Gore Vidal famously referred to Ronald Reagan as “the acting President.” A clever turn of phrase, the kind of which Vidal was really good at, that highlights how Reagan was both the POTUS who happened to be an actor, and the sense in which Reagan was only ever filling in

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June Interim Session Watch + Special Session Review!

The June Interim and Special Session of the Utah Legislature has ended, leaving behind it several noteworthy moments. Check out our topics: Public Lands, Death Penalty, School Funding and Liquor Licenses. Public Lands Although liquor licenses and school funding were the primary topics on the Hill, there were several other issues brought before the Legislature.

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