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It is time to abolish the death penalty in Utah

The failure of HB 147 this past legislative sessions marks the third time in the past decade the Utah Legislature has failed to repeal the death penalty despite seven people’s lives being on the line. Capital punishment has been shown to be an ineffective deterrent to crime, while being inhumane to both the victim and

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ABU Update: Adoption Language, Death Penalty, Speed Traps

Source: KCPW On today’s Better Utah Legislative Update KCPW’s Roger McDonough is joined by Matt Lyon, Strategic Advisor with Alliance for a Better Utah. Today they discuss a legislative attempt to change language in state code related to adoption, initiatives related to the death penalty, and legislation on city budgets and speed traps. Listen to

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Death by firing squad: debate over death penalty heats up

The legislature is currently debating the death penalty, or rather, how to most effectively carry it out. Thirty-two states have the death penalty in the US but it’s important to note that throughout the world, it is only legal in 4 industrialized democracies, the United States, Japan, Singapore and South Korea although they have a moratorium

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June Interim Session Watch + Special Session Review!

The June Interim and Special Session of the Utah Legislature has ended, leaving behind it several noteworthy moments. Check out our topics: Public Lands, Death Penalty, School Funding and Liquor Licenses. Public Lands Although liquor licenses and school funding were the primary topics on the Hill, there were several other issues brought before the Legislature.

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