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The Many Faces of Orrin Hatch

During a speech at the High School Leadership Summit on last Thursday, Hatch disparaged liberal bashing stating, “if you are owning libs just to own libs, your victory will be short-lived” which he followed with an urge for the audience to “aim higher.” The Senator’s recommendation was well stated and something he himself should heed.

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Let’s talk about nuance and civility

Let me start this piece by admitting my bias. I’m on the left of the political spectrum, and I’ve been staunchly left for the majority of my life. I like to think that in the right race, with the right candidate, I’d vote for a moderate to moderate-right candidate. And in my previous home state

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Polarization of Politics

Let’s play a little game. As you read the following statements, pay close attention to your reactions. Alright, understand the rules? Let’s go. – – – – – Trans men and women should be able to use the bathroom of their gender identity. Climate change isn’t real. It’s a Chinese hoax to bankrupt America. Humans

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