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LDS Dems pitch ‘pro-family’ report to attract Utah voters

Source: Deseret News Looking to capitalize on Utahns’ distaste for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the LDS Democratic caucus put out a “pro-family” report Wednesday that the group says more closely reflects the state’s values. Rep. Brian King, D-Salt Lake City, said LDS Dems can’t in good conscience call themselves pro-family unless they’re looking out

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Campaign finance reform and Count My Vote

Public oversight plays an important role in government ethics, but the public shouldn’t have to do all the policing. Public officials should enact moral and lawful restrictions that prevent dishonest officials from corrupting the democratic process. As it has been in years past, ethics is a hot topic during the 2015 session. The burner under

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Most Utah legislators being sold to highest bidder

Last week the Salt Lake Tribune reported on campaign contributions. According to their research, 7% of all legislative campaign contributions come from average citizens, just your everyday constituent of a senator or representative. That’s right, just 7%, or 70 cents out of every $10 donation–not even enough to buy a soda from a vending machine.

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Reason may yet prevail in gun debate

Last week was a big week for gun laws at the legislature.  On Wednesday, five bills were heard during House committee hearings. I attended the hearing for HB76 (this bill would change concealed carry law to allow for guns to be carried without a concealed carry permit) and HB114 (the Second Amendment Preservation Act). My

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