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Utah air quality makes Beijing look good

Days like today I wish my office space didn’t have a window. Usually I have beautiful views of Mount Olympus and Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Today, as you can see from this photo, you would never even know we have mountains in Utah. As of this writing, the PM2.5 in Salt Lake City is

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SLC still faces same issues 40 years later

While moving last week I stumbled onto a 1970s monograph by the late Dr. Claron E. Nelson, professor of economics at the University of Utah, and, incidentally, my brother-in-law’s grandfather. Dr. Claron’s manuscript, This is a Community: Salt Lake City 1971, is an economic development study of Salt Lake City that considers the city not just

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Better UTAH Beat Episode 47 – May 7, 2013

New numbers released last week by the Department of Environmental Quality don’t bode well for cleaning up our winter inversions. According to a report by the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah County–which repeatedly found itself with the country’s worst air this past winter–needs to cut its wintertime pollution by an additional 20 percent to meet even

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