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Unofficially, Many Utah Law Enforcement Groups Are Lining up To Oppose The Medical Marijuana Initiative

Both sides of the newly certified medical marijuana campaign are still taking shape, yet there’s one group that’s largely taken a back-seat role in the increasingly nasty debate marred with allegations of sleazy politics and lies. The various levels of law enforcement in Utah have been quiet during the lead-up to the initiative collecting enough voter signatures

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Protesters rally in Salt Lake against U.S. immigration poilicy

SALT LAKE CITY — About 50 people rallied outside the U.S. Attorney’s Office downtown Friday afternoon, protesting a new “zero tolerance” immigration policy that separates families trying to cross the southwest border. “Today, nearly 200 rallies across the nation are coming together,” María del Mar Gonzáles, a community outreach fellow for ACLU Utah, said to

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ABU Education Fund announces 2018 primary debates

The ABU Education Fund announced two Democratic primary debates in Salt Lake City and a Republican primary in Wasatch County for its 2018 Debate Series on May 11. The ABU Education Fund will be partnering with the University of Utah’s John R. Park Debate Society in hosting the majority of this year’s debates. The two

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Commentary: Utah’s senators should not reward torture. They should reject Haspel.

Candidate Donald Trump vowed to reinstate a policy of torture. During the first days of his presidency, a draft executive order indicated that he intended to do just that. But senators from both parties objected, citing the 2015 McCain-Feinstein Amendment, which affirmed the illegality of waterboarding and other so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques. Seventy-eight senators had

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Great Old Broads for Wilderness Asserts Right to Freedom of Speech

Great Old Broads for Wilderness and 14 other conservation organizations have signed on to an amicus brief filed May 4 in support of the organization’s former associate director, Rose Chilcoat. She has been targeted for criminal prosecution due to her association with Great Old Broads for Wilderness and her work to advocate for healthy public

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Methane Flaring Wastes Millions of Dollars on Utah’s Public Lands, But are Federal Limits a Good Solution or an Undue Burden?

The Interior Department is poised to dramatically roll back new methane-waste prevention rules for oil and gas operations on public and tribal lands. The measures, referred to collectively as the methane rule, were expected to capture up to $1 billion worth of natural gas that would otherwise be flared at well heads or released directly

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