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Shocking Political Ad Targets Mia Love

Source: Utah Policy
Alliance for a Better Utah takes a ham-handed swipe at Mia Love in a new television ad.
The shocking ad, which you can see below, literally features an elderly woman in a wheelchair being thrown off a cliff by a man who resembles Speaker Paul Ryan while “America the Beautiful” plays.
The text of the ad says:
“Remember what Paul Ryan wanted to do to Medicare? Mia Love wants to help him. Stop Paul Ryan and Mia Love. America isn’t beautiful without Medicare.”
Alliance for a Better Utah founder and board member Josh Kanter said in a press release:
“Utahns are not ideologues, but that idea of putting politics before people is exactly what Speaker Ryan and Mia Love represent. Both Ryan and Love would rather shut down the government and privatize broadly supported programs that benefit millions of Americans than roll up their sleeves and get things done. Utahns deserve to know where the candidates stand on issues that matter to them, especially when the issue affects their pocketbooks and financial well-being.”
Kanter says the ad will run on cable news channels locally at first, but they’re not sure how much money they will spend on the ad buy or how long it will run.
Ryan recently visited Salt Lake City to headline a fundraiser for Love who is facing a tough re-election battle against Democrat Doug Owens.
Watch YouTube video here.
Read Utah Policy article here.
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