Sen. Mike Lee has a plan

Senator Mike Lee recently announced a five-step plan to fix Congress. That plan, as one might expect, is big on style and light on substance. Isaac Holyoak, Better UTAH communications director, took to the opinion pages of the Salt Lake Tribune to call out some of the inconsistencies in Lee’s plan.

At the risk of inflating our junior senator’s ego, a significant part of the blame for the trust deficit lies at Lee’s own feet.

Some of Lee’s own contributions to the trust deficit include his role in the government shutdown last year, his tiring efforts to repeal Obamacare–even the popular parts, and his willingness to accept donations from crony capitalists.

But then, at least Sen. Lee has a plan. Conveniently, it’s one that suggests everything he does is apparently part of some larger, grander plan. The government shutdown. Repealing Obamacare without caveat. Corporate contributions. Some plan. Lee’s ability to speak words so totally untethered from any actually existing referent would be brilliant if it weren’t so dishonest. But the worst part of Lee’s duplicity? Utahns are, apparently, unable to see through it. His approval ratings are back up.

Read the full op-ed here.

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