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New video launched highlighting homelessness crisis in Utah

(KUTV) — Crossroads Urban Center and Alliance for a Better Utah launched a video on social media Monday about the homelessness crisis in Utah.

The video released outlines the growing affordable housing issue in Utah and asked the question about impacted Utahns, “where do they go?”

Statistics in the video report a 40 percent increase in unsheltered individuals within the last year with families making up 35 percent of the homeless population in Utah.

Additionally, statistics show in 1992 the average home cost was $123,000 and since then prices have increases by 5.7% yearly, which translates to the average home cost in 2018 as $365,500 – yet incomes have stayed roughly the same, the video details.

In addition to the video, a petition in English and Spanish was made public that called on Gov. Gary R. Herbert to include financial resources in his 2019 budget. The petitions specifically ask for the budget increase to provide for increased affordable housing and rapid rehousing options for singles and families facing homelessness was also made available.

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