My view: Utah needs to expand Medicaid

DSC05524_2Eric Rumple, recently retired from a career in corporate finance, and currently one of our favorite volunteers, has been analyzing public policy for the Alliance for a Better UTAH since the beginning of the year. His views on Medicaid are an important voice for understanding why expansion is the correct choice for Utah.

Republicans are concerned about the federal budget ramifications of the new health care law. They are also concerned that, in their view, Medicaid expansion is being imposed on Utah. But if Utah declines to expand Medicaid, all Utahns will pay federal taxes to fund a program that solely benefits millions of Americans in other states. On many issues, Utah Republicans believe that decisions should be made by Utahns and for Utahns, without regard to whatever may be going on in Washington. This reasoning should be applied to Medicaid expansion. In other words, this decision should be made solely on the basis of Utah’s circumstances.

Aside from the pragmatic reasons for expanding Medicaid, Eric also makes a strong moral case.

The expansion of Medicaid is the correct, just and humane thing to do. It is an essential aspect of preserving our civil society….From Utah’s perspective, the case for expansion is overwhelming.

The full OpEd can be found here.

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