Letter: Know these Election Day voting facts

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

I learned from the ACLU of Utah and Voterise that Election Day registration (same day voter registration and voting) will be allowed in eight Utah counties on Nov. 8, to eligible voters who present valid ID. This is based on a 2014 law, scheduled to run for three years as a pilot project.

Unfortunately, the website vote.utah.gov, the elections site for our state, makes no mention of this critical information.

When one Googles the internet asking where to register to vote in Utah, that site pops up and states that online voter registration ended Nov. 1.

The voters in those eight counties will be misinformed, thinking their chance to register has passed for 2016. Additionally, three counties are allowing voter registration and voting during early voting, which ends Nov. 4.

The government website appears to violate the 2014 statute, which states the lieutenant governor should disseminate this information to the public and via the internet. Perhaps this is an oversight.

While I applaud Utah’s efforts to broaden the franchise, this lapse regarding registration on Election Day is worrisome.

The more people who vote, the more vibrant our democracy is.

Rochelle Kaplan

Salt Lake City

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