Justice sort of served in Recapture Canyon case

Salt Lake City — Officials with Alliance for a Better UTAH delivered nearly 3,000 signatures to Utah BLM Director Juan Palma earlier this year, asking Palma to press charges against San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman for an illegal ATV protest he organized.

In light of charges being filed today in that case, Maryann Martindale, Better UTAH’s executive director, has released the following statement:

“We’re heartened to see the US Attorney’s Office and BLM press charges, even if it appears that Lyman and his fellow protesters will avoid felony prosecution. Those who undertake acts of so-called civil disobedience, as Lyman has claimed, should take personal responsibility for their behavior and accept the consequences of breaking the law. Lyman should receive and accept the harshest penalty allowable under the charges filed against him.”



Isaac Holyoak
Communications Director, Alliance for a Better UTAH
801.664.9751 | isaac@betterutah.org

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