Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday – September 12

Madison here – I’m back. Yes, I took last Monday off from posting because it was Labor Day and I was hard at work…hiking. Laboring, if you will. (At least laboring in my breathing.)

This Manic Monday, I bring a collection of noteworthy headlines from the local, Utah level up to the national level. Gov. Herbert dominates the Utah scene while Trump only makes brief appearances. You will even find some good news woven among the threads of negativity – hurray for that!


Some Utah news…

#1. My view: Rep. Bishop’s zeal is PLI’s Achilles heel – What rhymes with “compromise”? …not “Rob Bishop.”

#2. Herbert once again dodges on support for Trump – Dodgeball wasn’t fun in gym class – and it’s not fun in the political arena, either.

#3. West Jordan leaders pass new code of conduct amid councilman controversy – Accountability in government – always good!

#4. Judge prohibits Utah’s Gov. Herbert from cutting Planned Parenthood funds – Some good headline news to warm your little heart.

#5. Utah governor’s race: Weinholtz vs. Herbert on charter schools, education – Education funding is a hot topic in Utah – but what role do charter schools play in the equation?


National news…

#6. Has Trump hit his ceiling? – The debate continues.

#7. Clinton steps up attacks on Trump’s character, accusing him of concealing ‘scams’ – The attacks continue. (I’m getting whiplash.)

#8. Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are ‘Terrifying’ – Obama discusses the importance of going beyond acknowledgement and taking action with climate change.

#9. Judge, Citing Inequality, Orders Connecticut to Overhaul Its School System – Education funding goes beyond inadequacy – it also reflects differences in equality.

#10. U.S. Suspends Construction on Part of North Dakota Pipeline – More good news! (And some bonus reading here if you’re interested in matters of Native sovereignty – a very important piece to the pipeline puzzle.)


Until next week,


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