Group calls for resignation of West Jordan City Councilman cited for hit-and-run outside bar

Source: Fox 13 News

The Alliance for a Better Utah is joining with West Jordan’s former mayor to call for the resignation of Councilman Jeff Haaga, who was recently cited for leaving the scene of a crash after he allegedly hit another vehicle while intoxicated.

Body camera footage showed the encounter between police and Haaga, who tried to argue at first that he didn’t hit another car and that the responding officers did not have jurisdiction to cite him.

Friday, Alliance for a Better Utah issued a statement calling for Haaga’s resignation. They said they are joining West Jordan’s former mayor, Melissa Johnson, in calling for Haaga to step down.

“Not only was Haaga’s behavior reckless and dangerous, but it was a breach of the trust and responsibilities that come along with the office he holds,” Executive Director Rachel Sanders stated. “As a City Councilmember, he took an oath of office to obey the laws of our State. He knowingly violated those laws. And after doing so, he claimed his position exempted him from punishment of his crimes as if he was entitled to some kind of diplomatic immunity. We disagree — no one is above the law. Haaga must now be held accountable for his actions. Haaga narrowly escaped a DUI charge and potential conviction. Now he should do the right thing and heed the call to resign. We invite his constituents to join us in this call.”

The group has created an online petition on Change.org to gather signatures from those who want Haaga to resign. FOX 13 News spoke with the South Jordan Police Department, who handled the case to avoid any potential conflict of interest, about the incident, click here for details. Haaga has not responded to FOX 13 News’ requests for comment.

Read Fox 13 article here.

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