COVID-19 Misinformation Watch

Utah trusts the experts.

We trust epidemiologists and medical providers working on the front lines to save lives. We trust the WHO and CDC to help us to flatten the curve by social distancing and staying home. We don’t scapegoat communities of color by using racist names for a virus. In times of global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect our elected leaders to act responsibly to help us save lives.

While most Utah leaders are handling the coronavirus crisis wisely, some politicians are falling into the right-wing news trap. These politicians are ignoring expert advice and spreading harmful misinformation.


Rep. Cory Maloy

House District 6

Profits Over People

Rep. Kim Coleman

House District 42


Rep. Adam Robertson

House District 63

Profits Over People

Rep. Marc Roberts

House District 67

Profits Over People

Rep. Phil Lyman

House District 73


Profits Over People

Zach Jacob

West Jordan City Council; District 3

Politics Over People


Sen. J. Stuart Adams

Senate District 22


Sen. Kieth Grover

Senate District 15


Sen. Jake Anderegg

Senate District 13


Fmr. Rep. Fred Cox

Candidate for Salt Lake County Council #2


Greg Huges

Candidate for Utah Governor


Rep. Steve Christiansen

House District 47


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