Hatch in Fashion

Call Him Home: Hatch’s Service in Fashion

Who remembers the good old days of sparkly spandex or slouchy jumpsuits? Orrin Hatch does!

Each of these pictures represent a style from one of Sen. Hatch’s terms. Hatch was confirmed to the senate while the Osmonds danced in fringe vests, sat in committee meetings while outside Congress everyone strutted around in oversized everything, and ran for reelection in the midst of the Ugg boot craze. No matter what crazy fashion trend comes next, do we really want a senator who served during the Flower Power days?

We need a senator who is with the times. We need a senator who will also represent constituents who don’t remember shoulder pads and leg warmers.

Fashion has certainly progressed and evolved since the 1970s.
We deserve a senator who has done the same.

If you feel the same way sign this petition asking Senator Hatch to not run for reelection in 2018!

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