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Brad Daw – Super PAC’s Are Great Until They Go After Him

Representative Brad Daw is in a bit of a sticky situation. On one hand, he and his party are fully supportive of the PACs and Super PACs that channel unlimited amounts of money into political campaigns, but now that one is attacking him it isn’t so much fun anymore.

State Rep. Brad Daw has found himself squarely in the crosshairs of a prominent Utah political consultant, who has orchestrated a half-dozen mailers attacking the Utah County legislator.

But where Jason Powers, one of the state’s leading political operatives, came up with the money remains a complete mystery. He’s funneled the cash through a non-profit he created, meaning he doesn’t have to disclose donors.

“If somebody wants to attack my record or come after me, that’s fine, but let’s be clear about who it is,” said Daw, R-Orem. “The whole point about disclosure is to not have this shell game going on.”

The ads hitting Daw are being sent out by…

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