Attorney General Investigation: 1 probe down, 5 to go

Salt Lake City — The Alliance for a Better UTAH has released the following statement after receiving word that the Department of Justice has declined to prosecute State Attorney General John Swallow:

“Although the Department of Justice has declined to press charges against Attorney General John Swallow and his predecessor Mark Shurtleff, there is still the very important and distinct consideration of whether or not Swallow is guilty of ethical wrongdoing or whether or not Swallow is guilty of breaking state law, neither of which were being considered by the DOJ.

“The DOJ was charged with investigating criminal wrongdoing under Federal law. Its decision not to prosecute potential violations of Federal criminal law does not address or resolve potential criminal actions under State law, or civil actions or ethical violations under Federal or State law, or non-governmental impropriety. As Attorney General Swallow has stated, there are other investigations continuing. For example, two County attorneys are investigating the Attorney General’s actions under State criminal law. The Lt. Governor’s office is investigating potential violations of state election law. The Utah State Bar is investigating two separate potential violations of the Code of Professional Conduct. And the Utah House of Representatives is just beginning its own investigation. These represent distinct State, non-governmental and political investigations that are unrelated to the DOJ investigation of criminal matters under Federal law.

“We encourage all authorities–the Lt. Governor, the State Legislature, the Utah Bar, and the County Attorneys–to continue their respective investigations with diligence and in good faith. The people of Utah deserve a clear verdict, whether innocent or guilty, on Swallow’s behavior.”

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