Alliance for a Better Utah calls for immediate resignation of San Juan County clerk

(KUTV) — Alliance for a Better Utah called for the immediate resignation of San Juan County Clerk John Nielson after a federal judge found a falsified official document Saturday morning.

Following a federal judge’s finding that Nielson falsified an official document – which led to the contested removal of Willie Grayeyes from the November ballot – Alliance for a Better Utah called for his immediate resignation.

“While we continue to support an investigation into his actions, we now call on Mr. Nielson to immediately resign from his office,” said Alliance for a Better Utah’s communications director Katie Matheson. “Mr. Nielson’s intentional falsification of an official county document resulting in the improper disqualification of a political candidate is a serious ethical violation and categorically unacceptable. Elections are quickly approaching and San Juan County residents deserve a county clerk who they can trust to justly uphold the state’s election laws.”

This story originally appeared at KUTV.com. Click here to read the story in its entirety. 

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