80% say Swallowgate tarnishes Utah’s other leaders, too


There are numerous polls that demonstrate the public’s shattered confidence in the Attorney General. Now, there is evidence that the public’s lack of confidence is starting to leak into other areas of the democratic process. Our own informal polling, the results of which are similar to BYU’s recent poll, demonstrate this breakdown in public confidence.

Out of nearly 600 respondents who filled out our email survey, half of which identified themselves as political moderates, over 80% have said that the attorney general scandal has negatively affected their confidence in other state leaders.

This is no longer just a personal crisis for John Swallow, it is a democratic crisis for Utah.

The public’s trust in democratic processes erodes more every day as new allegations emerge about the Attorney General’s behavior. Just today an article in the Salt Lake Tribune suggested that Swallow’s behavior is rubbing off on his employees, too.

The legislature has started its own investigation, although it is just short of using its full impeachment powers. Will it be enough to restore the public’s trust?

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