The week in letters: Walmart, Weber and Ordain Women

A letter-writing campaign in the Standard Examiner that targets two Weber County Commissioners leads this week’s letters to the editor from newspapers across the still-snowy state of Utah. Also up: Walmart’s greed, wise words from our youth, and the Ordain Women movement.

Break up ‘good ol’ boy problem in Weber commission

It’s always interesting when people who don’t use libraries decide what’s best for the people who do.  Case in point is Weber County Commissioner Matthew Bell, who with his lackey, Commissioner Kerry Gibson, has decided to gut the electorate’s decision and opportunity to bring Weber County Library services to a higher level of service for current and future users.  As a registered Republican who votes regularly, I doubt very much that our letter-writing campaigns will persuade these two power-hungry, “I know what’s best for you” commissioners to get their hands off the money earmarked for the library system.

I do, however, recommend to others who are similarly disenchanted with the machinations of these two men, that we throw our financial and ballot box support in the upcoming election to Commissioner Jan Zogmaister.

Trish York, Ogden

Why we need to avoid Walmart

Being a soon to be college graduate and moving into the harsh world of consumerism, there is no doubt that Americans crave affordability on this strictly paved road of middle-class living.

The best way to make Americans’ hard-earned cash go further is to stop roaming the cluttered aisles of Walmart! Let’s make shopping at Walmart obsolete because Walmart has taught the world to not value quality or durability. Walmart chooses not to pay its employees enough, and Walmart ruins small “ma and pa” shops.

Abby Smith, St. George

LDS men need time to worship without women

For me and many other men, the priesthood session is the highlight of each LDS General Conference. Certainly the messages are inspired and are relevant to each of us as Latter-day Saints. This session, however, is important for an additional reason. It is the chance to worship with men and men alone.

Ross Flom, Provo

Teen letter writer’s argument convincing

I loved Will Ryan’s letter, “Gay discrimination is a problem of older generation,” in the March 30 Public Forum.

I am one of the older generation he speaks about, but I totally agree with what he said.

If we have 15-year-olds who can think and write as he does, and are willing to take the time and effort to do so, our world will be in good hands after we are gone.

Way to go, Will!

Alice Reis, West Valley City

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