The week in letters: Lockhart, the Legislature and Count My Vote

Disappointment in Lockhart and the legislature, Count My Vote, immigration, and voter fraud in this week’s Letters to the Editors from newspapers across Utah.

Resident disappointed in Utah’s legislature

It’s disappointing to observe how Utah’s far right-wing legislators, led by Speaker Lockhart, are so extremely eager to grab federal tax dollars whenever they will benefit wealthy campaign contributors or yourselves. But, when the money, such as that available for Medicaid expansion, would benefit the poor, they are quick to reject it.

Are they really as cold and heartless as they appear to be? What a shame it will be if Utah misses this opportunity to improve the lives of many low-income families who have inadequate or no health care. Hopefully, Gov. Gary Herbert will prevail on this issue. He needs our support. Wouldn’t it be great if these same legislators would stop throwing away state tax dollars, which are badly needed to improve education, in order to pursue their ignorant, paranoid, superstition-driven battle to continue unconstitutional discrimination against all members of Utah’s LGBT community?

Everyone deserves a fair and equal chance to prosper and to be happy — even here in Utah! Thank you Sen. Steve Urquhart for backing SB100, the anti-discrimination bill!

Waid Reynolds

St. George

The people or the party

Who should control the political process, the people or the political party organizations? I recently spent a year in China where the Communist Party reigns supreme. I was so glad to be back home in the USA where the people reign supreme. Or do we? Not in Utah, if the Legislature has its way.

I encourage all Utah voters to let the Legislature know who the people believe should control the political process in Utah by signing the Count My Vote Utah initiative petition.

Harry Gene Puckett

American Fork

C’mon, legislators, quit quibbling and expand Medicaid

Like most Utahns, I watch in amazement day after day as our Legislature contorts itself into ever more ridiculous and expensive knots to avoid fully expanding Medicaid.

In fact, it would be amusing to watch this ideological hissy fit except that, as I speak, millions of Utah dollars are being diverted to other states while Utahns go without.

Come on, legislators, stop acting like silly circus performers. Do the straight-forward, cost effective, and sensible thing — fully expand Medicaid in Utah.

I can’t believe I even have to write this.

Vickie Eastman


Nothing’s private

The Utah Legislature is close to paranoid about voter fraud. And they want to keep voter registration records secret? Maybe they just want fraud in their favor without the prying eyes of the public (“Bill: Let Utahns keep their voter records private,” Tribune, Feb. 12).

Take out the birthdate, and voter records are useless as anything but a mailing list (and a potential deterrent for voter fraud). Anyone who thinks his personal information is secret if not for this voter registration list should Google himself. Or look at what he’s posted on Facebook.

Karen Robinson


Immigrants need a path to citizenship

So, let’s not look down of today’s immigrants who are looking for the same opportunities that many of our forefathers did. And, let racism be a thing of the past and the ignorant. Those new to our country come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and not just from south of our border.

By the way, how many of those same immigrants or their offspring who were born in this country have served in our military, and paid the highest price with their lives for it. Don’t they deserve the right to become Americans as those who came before us did? And, most of all, let’s all remember the golden rule, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

Miguel R. Serda, Jr.


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