Wednesday Pick-Me-Up – August 24

Feel like that midweek pick-me-up couldn’t come sooner? Well we’re here – Wednesday Addams (otherwise known as Madison). With these cartoons it’s hard to say how much of a pick-me-up they really are, but I sincerely hope you they bring some amusement, at the very least. (…and hopefully they make you think!)


This week, Pat Bagley gets his own section:

“Trump’s Mormon Trouble”


“Extreme Vetting”


“Climate Clown”


“Clinton Foundation Donors”



“Instead of toning it down, Trump doubles down”

“An overheated political climate is affecting the overheated actual one”



Politico 1


Politico 2


Politico 3


Politico 4




The last one is good, right? Maybe a little too painfully accurate?

Until next week, Madison
P.S. Click on the images to see their original source of publication!

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