Utah needs its own Cincinnatus for attorney general

maryann martindale imageThe case for a replacement attorney general who won’t stand for reelection in November 2014 got an added boost with a new op-ed in the Deseret News.

Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, drew upon Livy’s account of the some time Roman ruler Cincinnatus to argue for a replacement attorney general who will bring honor and respect back to the attorney general’s office.

What Utah needs is its own Cincinnatus — the same Roman figure on which George Washington modeled not only his political career, but his personal life as well.

The Roman historian Titus Livy, who chronicled the political career of Cincinnatus, called Cincinnatus “the one hope of Rome.” The account should be required reading for anyone seeking the attorney general’s office.

Livy’s account of Cincinnatus can be found here. The full op-ed can be found here.

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