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The Utah State Bar Is ‘Investigating’ How It Emailed All the Lawyers a Picture of Boobs

The Utah State Bar is very confused as to how it emailed a picture of some titties to lawyers throughout the state and is “investigating” how the image was included alongside content promoting its 2018 Spring Convention in St. George.

Bar communications director Matt Page told the Salt Lake Tribune that they are “aware of the situation” and “investigating how it got out,” and added that when he generated the graphic advertising the convention, there were no breasts included. The good news, for anyone concerned that the image may have accidentally come from someone at the Bar’s cell phone photo directory, is that it looks an awful lot like a generic boob image pulled from the web. (A reverse image search on Google yielded no clues, other than that the search engine believes the most striking detail about the file is that it features a blonde.)

The Utah State Bar quickly apologized for the mistake on Twitter, though other users thought the situation was too funny to let slip by unnoticed.

According to Deseret News, the focus of the Bar’s investigation is into whether the image was attached by someone in the organization or (let’s be honest, less likely) that they were “hacked” by parties unknown.

Alliance for a Better Utah policy and advocacy counsel Chase Thomas told Desert News he was sitting in the House gallery at the State Capitol when he received the message, adding he “was expecting a routine email I would most likely scroll through and delete. But I had to scroll through and delete a lot faster than I had initially anticipated.”

Article by Tom Mckay with Gizmodo originally appeared here.

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