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Lawmaker fires warning over process for replacing Chaffetz

Sources: Deseret News and KSL.com The conflict between Utah’s governor and state Legislature escalated Thursday after Rep. Jason Chaffetz officially announced his plans to leave Congress, with legislative leadership threatening legal action over how the vacancy is filled. Gov. Gary Herbert has said he will not call a special session of the Legislature for state

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One Medicaid expansion bill gains favor of leadership, but people still want more

Source: Deseret News Utah’s House speaker has once again put his foot down when it comes to Medicaid expansion, but Utahns are still asking for broader access than what one popular bill would provide. House Majority Leader Jim Dunnigan, R-Kearns, has proposed HB437 to expand coverage to the poorest in Utah, specifically childless adults who are chronically

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Senators reject bill to raise income tax on richest 1.5% of Utahns

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune Utah senators rejected a move Wednesday to raise the state income tax on the richest 1.5 percent of residents to better fund schools. Sen. Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City, asked the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee to vote on his SB104. But members — after speaking against it — decided

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OpEd: By its actions, Utah shows it undervalues its children

Several years ago I was invited, by the head of a private school, to enter the teaching profession. I am a working artist and, having seen colleagues distracted from their art by their teaching, had previously avoided that route. I do enjoy working with kids, though, and had an interest in sharing the sense of

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Legislative session like a bowl of cold cereal

I don’t like breakfast cereal. Not because it’s not good, it just never satisfies me. I could eat a whole box and still be hungry for more. This is how I feel about the 2014 legislative session. Going into the session there were a number of important issues on the table and sadly, a lot

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Open letter to Sen. Valentine, Niederhauser on support for constitutional notes

Salt Lake City–Good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH released an open letter today to Senator John Valentine, co-sponsor of a bill that would remove constitutional notes from pending legislation, and Senate President Wayne Niederhauser. The letter asks Valentine and Niederhauser to continue their support for constitutional notes by striking a compromise with the

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Death of SB100 is birth of new LGBT movement in Utah

At first glance, the little blue notes taped on the Utah Senate doors earlier this month–a plea from Utah’s LGBT community to allow a fair and public hearing of the now-dead SB100–bear only a superficial resemblance to the ninety-five theses Martin Luther posted on the doors of All Saints’ Church. However, like Luther’s theses, those

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ALEC likely to be influential in Utah’s legislative session

It’s not often that coverage of the American Legislative Exchange Council makes it into the local news, even though many of Utah’s state legislators are members of the secretive lobbying organization. But after the Guardian broke a story about what is often called ALEC, the little known organization made it into one of Paul Rolly’s

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Better UTAH Beat Episode 39 – March 5, 2013

The following is the transcript from this week’s Better UTAH Beat. It aired on March 5, 2013. ——– Cui bono? It is a latin phrase the great Roman orator and politician Cicero used when considering a piece of legislation. Translated, the phrase reads: Who benefits? And it is a question that should be asked over

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