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How voter access laws and passion brought people to the polls

This article originally appeared in The Press of Atlantic City. Read it in its entirety here. WASHINGTON — In Utah, marijuana revved up voter interest last year, and new election policies made it easier for people to cast their ballots, leading to the nation’s biggest jump in midterm turnout. Around the country, state efforts to

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Op-ed: Automatic voter registration would boost Utah democracy

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune The “right to vote” is mentioned five times in the Constitution — more than the right to free speech, the right to bear arms or the right to privacy (which most of us believe is a fundamental right but is not even mentioned in the Constitution). It is then shocking to

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Just Another Manic Monday – August 29

It’s another…Manic Monday! Hopefully it is treating you well. As the day has gone on, hopefully you have steadily grown to accept that the weekend is over. It’s Monday. Here are some news headlines to give you a reminder of the past week – Utah news and national news. Enjoy. *** Some Utah news… #1.

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Getting it right on the right to vote

During the last legislative session, I worked very hard on an election day voter registration bill. It passed the House easily, but after the county clerks got involved, it ended up failing in the Senate on the last night of the session. There were several elements to the clerks’ arguments–unknown expectation of additional work, additional

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Representative Scorned

On Wednesday, the House Government Operations Committee heard testimony on Representative Patrice Arent’s HB 258, that would eliminate the straight party voting option from future ballots. There are several reasons why we supported the bill and why I spoke in favor of it, including the belief that an electorate should be well informed, that there

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Meet our interns, Part 2: Hillary Pierce

We’re happy to welcome three university students who will be interning with us during the legislative session this year. They’ll be posting regularly about the specific issues they are following and their experiences on the hill. This week, they are taking a moment to introduce themselves. Second up is Hillary Pierce. Hillary is a senior

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