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Martindale: Utah’s proposed constitutional amendments a rush job

With little discussion and even less fanfare, Utahns will vote on three changes to Utah’s constitution on Election day. Maryann Martindale, Better UTAH executive director, recently discussed the three constitutional amendments, and the rush job that got them on the ballot, in a weekend op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune. The last time the U.S. Constitution was

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Amendments to state constitution need your attention

Salt Lake City — When voters cast their ballots next Tuesday some may be surprised to learn there are more than candidates on the ballot. Three amendments to the Utah state constitution are also up for a vote. While the news cycle has focused on high profile races like the attorney general’s race and the

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Too many questions surround tax rebate to Utah Data Center

Considering how frequently our legislators shake their fist at the federal government, it is ironic that they’re seriously considering acting like toadies for the feds. I’m referring, of course, to SB45, a bill that would waive the taxes due on electric bills (called MIDA energy taxes) for various federal installations in Utah, but principally for

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