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Press Release: Abortion Bill is Unconstitutional Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 16, 2019 ABORTION BILL IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL WASTE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS Salt Lake City, UT – Today, UtahPolicy.com broke the story of a new bill that has been released by Representative Cheryl Acton which would outlaw abortion in Utah after 15 weeks. The bill would be one of the strictest in

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Better UTAH Beat episode 8! June 26, 2012

This week we recap the June Interim and Special Session of the Utah Legislature. The conservative’s arguments for their unconstitutional land-grab are starting to crumble. Plus, 11 Republican Legislators decide to completely abandon their “Free Market” and “Personal Liberty” principles.

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63% of Utahns Oppose Unconstitutional Land-Grab

Previously, a poll was released showing that 60% of Utahns supported the unconstitutional land-grab bills, but it seems now that the public has learned of the millions of taxpayer dollars that would go into the frivolous lawsuit… the tune has changed. SALT LAKE CITY — A new poll commissioned by Republican environmentalists shows 63 percent

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