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Press Release: Better Utah responds to tax reform draft

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 7, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT – Today, the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Tax Force released the over 100-page draft of the much-anticipated tax reform bill. The tax proposal includes restoration of the full sales tax on food, lowers the income tax rate, and proposes eliminating the tax earmark for

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Money earmarked for wolves should go to education

Every penny counts when money is tight. That’s why the appearance of $300,000 in the Utah state budget to combat wolves–wolves that as of yet do not exist in Utah–seems particularly wasteful. The money, requested by Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerlund, would likely go to the same people (the only bidders, actually) who were awarded

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What is the next step for Medicaid expansion?

What is the next step? A question often asked when seeking progress. It is a question that should be asked to those who voted against Medicaid expansion last Wednesday at the capitol. What is there to fear with expanding Medicaid? Regardless of the decision, Utah will spend $343 million a year for Medicaid. With expansion,

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