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Bill to prevent higher education budgets from hemorrhaging

The highlight of this week is that SB51, substituted as SB51S01, unanimously passed the Senate. SB51, Higher Education Tuition Waivers, was proposed by Sen. Stephen Urquhart this legislative session in response to an expected drop in enrollment in Utah’s colleges and universities as a result of changes in the LDS mission program. The LDS church

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October 12, 2012 – More Fee Waiver Info

Response to an October 4, 2012 request for “A full list of all GRAMA requests, for 2011 and 2012 that have requested a fee waiver, including the full text of the actual request for information and the full and complete response from the Senate Records Officer. In addition, we are requesting a copy of any

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Better UTAH Draws Attention to Transparency Problems

Even though the Senate chose to forgo a public hearing on former-state representative Holly Richardson’s appointment to the State Records Committee, Better UTAH was able to draw significant attention to the process. See below for a list of media appearances, with brief descriptions and links. Daily Herald, October 16, 2012 Group wants Senate to wait

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State Senate Ignores Public Input; Confirms Guv’s Nominee to State Records Committee

Salt Lake City – The State Senate voted today to confirm former-state representative Holly Richardson to the State Records Committee without seeking public comment through a committee hearing. The Alliance for a Better UTAH has released the following statement: “We are disappointed with the senate’s decision to confirm the Governor’s appointment, Holly Richardson, to the

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State Senate To Forgo Committee Hearing on Appointment to State Records Committee

Salt Lake City – State legislators have decided to ignore the public’s right to participate in the democratic process by summarily confirming Governor Herbert’s nomination of former state representative Holly Richardson to the State Records Committee on Wednesday. The Alliance for a Better UTAH has called on the Utah State Senate to postpone the confirmation

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