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Who funds Utah legislators’ campaigns? Special interests provide 82% of money, while voters in lawmakers’ own districts gave only 6%

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Read it in its entirety here.  Incoming Utah legislators collected only 6 percent of their campaign donations during the 2018 election year from voters who actually live in their districts. The lion’s share of contributions — 82.4 percent — came from special-interest groups or out-of-state donors. Another 3.6 percent came from candidates’ own pockets or close relatives,

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Most Utah legislators being sold to highest bidder

Last week the Salt Lake Tribune reported on campaign contributions. According to their research, 7% of all legislative campaign contributions come from average citizens, just your everyday constituent of a senator or representative. That’s right, just 7%, or 70 cents out of every $10 donation–not even enough to buy a soda from a vending machine.

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Prison relocation “discussion” is happening in a vacuum

This is the first in a series of blog posts exploring the inner workings of PRADA – Utah’s Prison Relocation and Development Authority. The media spotlight is squarely planted on the John Swallow debacle, so you might not know that there’s another excellent dog-and-pony show going on at the Capitol this summer. The Legislature-mandated and

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