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Time for Utah to be pro-family in action, not just words

This commentary originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Recently, a group of Utah lawmakers introduced a “pro-family” bill package featuring expanded contraceptive access, comprehensive sex education, infertility coverage, childcare options and family leave policies. As a parent, I was impressed. If we are serious about wanting to be a pro-family state in action and

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Comprehensive sex-ed is violence prevention

I was 18 years old and a few months into my first semester at college when I was sexually assaulted by a friend in the dorms. It was an event that left me shattered. I felt dirty and broken. Every time I showered I felt disgusted by the sight of myself in the mirror and

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Partisan School Board Elections and the Future of Sex Education in Utah

Last year, the Utah Legislature passed a law which requires the Utah State Board of Education hold partisan elections in 2018. An ongoing lawsuit aims to reverse that mandate, but if it fails, school board candidates will be required to declare their party affiliation. Given that Utah is undeniably dominated by the GOP, it is

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Utah Couple Wins Better Beehive for Sex-Ed Repeal Petition

Salt Lake City — This week’s fourth Better Beehive Award goes to a Murray, Utah couple for their efforts in starting a petition rallying against the legislature’s passage of a so-called “abstinence-only” bill. The petition ultimately led to Governor Gary Herbert’s veto of the controversial law. Activists Sandy and Paul Krueger started the online petition

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