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Senator Todd Weiler does good by his constituents, Count My Vote

Senator Jenkins’ attempt to delay the implementation of the Count My Vote compromise is dead as of Tuesday. The Senate voted down a third hearing of SB43 yesterday in a 9-19-1 vote. SB43 bill would have delayed the Count My Vote reforms until 2018. In discussions prior to the vote, Republican Senator Todd Weiler gave a powerful

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Campaign finance reform and Count My Vote

Public oversight plays an important role in government ethics, but the public shouldn’t have to do all the policing. Public officials should enact moral and lawful restrictions that prevent dishonest officials from corrupting the democratic process. As it has been in years past, ethics is a hot topic during the 2015 session. The burner under

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Legislature plays with fire, ignores mainstream Utahns on Count My Vote

Salt Lake City — The Senate Government Operations Committee met today to hear two controversial bills, both sponsored by Sen. Scott Jenkins, that are aimed at gutting the popular Count My Vote reforms. SJR2 and SB43 passed favorably out of committee along partisan lines, with Republicans voting for the measures. Alliance for a Better UTAH

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Better UTAH Beat Episode 39 – March 5, 2013

The following is the transcript from this week’s Better UTAH Beat. It aired on March 5, 2013. ——– Cui bono? It is a latin phrase the great Roman orator and politician Cicero used when considering a piece of legislation. Translated, the phrase reads: Who benefits? And it is a question that should be asked over

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