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Despite pending Utah Supreme Court ruling, Senate committee approves bill to have partisan elections for the state Board of Education

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Read it in its entirety here. A Republican state senator has proposed allowing candidates for the Utah Board of Education — the elected panel that oversees the state’s public schools — to run under a political party. It’s an unexpected and contentious move that comes three

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Sheryl Allen: We deserve nonpartisan elections in education

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune The 2018 election year will be different, very different. We’ll be voting on many elected officials. All of them will be important. But elections for the Utah State Board of Education will be altered. For the first time in decades, those elections will be partisan. Yes, that means candidates will

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Lawsuit says Utah school board election shouldn’t be partisan

Source: Deseret News and KSL.com Current, former and possibly future members of the State School Board, the Utah PTA and Utahns for Public Schools have filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a law passed by the Utah Legislature in 2016 that calls for partisan Utah State Board of Education elections. At a press conference

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Keep politics out of our schools

“Politics are a curse in educational affairs, even if they contaminate only a member of some board of education, some superintendent, or some teacher,” said Karl Maeser, a noted early Mormon educator. “In all cases there is danger that the contagion will finally reach the school and the children, and spoil the work.” Currently in

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