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Meaningful change should be focus following Swallow’s resignation

Salt Lake City — Officials with the good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH have released the following statement following Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s decision today to suspend further adjudication into an election law violation complaint filed earlier this year by Better UTAH: “Regardless of who is chosen to fill the role of Attorney

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Will Swallow get the last laugh?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse . . . When John Swallow finally resigned last week, there was little doubt that his decision had less to with his feigned indignation or unfair financial situation and more to do with the forthcoming Lt. Governor’s investigative report and his expectation of election law violation

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Election law violation probe should result in removal of AG John Swallow

Salt Lake City – Numerous reports are emerging that a special investigator with the Utah Lt. Governor’s office, assigned to investigate an election law violation complaint filed in March by the good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH, has chosen to recommend that State Attorney General John Swallow be charged with multiple misdemeanor offenses.

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Attorney General must resign for sake of public confidence

Salt Lake City — In light of John Swallow’s private entreaties with key members of the Utah State legislature, the Alliance for a Better UTAH has issued the following statement: “The allegations surrounding Attorney General John Swallow are sufficient to merit impeachment proceedings. Should Swallow feel the need to explain to legislators his side of

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With Swallow, we got what we deserved

The last six months have been full of allegations against Attorney General John Swallow. But it didn’t just start in January with the first public accusation. This saga has been going on for years, starting with Mark Shurtleff, Swallow’s 12-year predecessor. The truth is, everyone on this side of the political game knew about Shurtleff’s

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Utah Lawmaker Resigns From ALEC – Better UTAH Applauds Her Decision

Representative Christine Watkins (D, Price) sent out a press release this morning announcing her resignation from ALEC. Saying: “The level of secrecy and removal of the public from the lawmaking process ALEC fosters is something I simply cannot ignore.” Better UTAH responded to Representative Watkins’ announcement, applauding her for making the right choice for the

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